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Witness to the Holocaust Project

The Witness to the Holocaust Project was founded at Emory University in 1978 by Dr Fred R. Crawford, a professor of Sociology. Upon his death in 1982, the Project was renamed in his honor. The Project sprang from the belief that the Holocaust, as a unique event of modern history, has influenced the destinies of people and institutions to the present day. To trace this influence, the Holocaust is studied through the eyes and lives of those people who through their various functions (military personnel, relief workers, etc.) were involved in the liberation process or who were subsequent witnesses to the Nazi labor and death camps. This focus was chosen because of the paucity of documentation heretofore collected from this authentic source. 

The Witness to the Holocaust Project has committed to make available to high schools and college students and members of the Atlanta community a wide variety of materials and programs dealing with the Holocaust. Over the past sixteen years, the Project's collection has expanded to encompass an interesting and varied array of materials: 

  • audio and video interviews with liberators; 
  • WWII POW and survivor testimonies; 
  • books; 
  • unpublished manuscripts on the Holocaust; 
  • diaries; 
  • maps; and 
  • pamphlets, articles, and speeches on many Holocaust-related subjects. 

The collection also has copies of over 400 photographs. 

From 1982 to 1992 the project was under the direction of Professor David Blumenthal. Its current director is Professor Deborah Lipstadt.

For online resources related to the Project, see the SAGE digital archive at Emory.






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