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Affiliated Programs


Affiliated Programs

Award Winners

The David R. Blumenthal Awards

The David R. Blumenthal Awards, established in 1999 by friends and colleagues of Prof. Blumenthal in honor of his crucial role in shaping the Tam Institute for Jewish Studies (TIJS) at Emory, recognizes academic papers and projects of the highest scholarly standard that link Jewish Studies to broader human concerns.

All Emory University students, both undergraduate and graduate, are eligible to submit an entry, which may be the product of course work at Emory or may represent an independent effort. One award will be given for the best undergraduate paper or project and one award will be given for the best graduate paper or project. Winners of the undergraduate and graduate award will each receive a check for $500 and a certificate, which will be presented at the annual TIJS year-end reception.

Papers and projects are due by noon on Friday, March 17, 2017 and may be delivered in person to the TIJS office in Candler Library 204 or submitted via email to

For more information and submission guidelines, visit

Past Winners


Avi Dobrusin
, Anthropology & Human Biology / Religion (Undergraduate)
"The Fair Weather State: The Historical Context to the Vatican’s Response to the Holocaust"

Carrie Crawford, History (Graduate)
“'Jew-Baiting' in the Cotton Belt: An Examination of Anti-Semitism in the Postbellum South"

Katherine Howard, Philosophy (Graduate)
"Horkheiner, Adorno, and Anti-Semitism"


Robert Cooper (Undergraduate)
"Marcel Prawy and the Jewish Encounter Within Pre and Post World War II Vienna"
Paper Summary

Mark Goldfeder (Graduate)
"Rights, Reservations, and Religion; International Human Rights Law and the Status of Women"
Paper Summary

Aubrey Buster (Graduate)
"Written Record and Membership in Persian Period Judah and Classical Athens"
Paper Summary


Allison Klein (Undergraduate)
"Holocaust Survivors and Jim Crow"
Paper Summary

Amanda Baker (Graduate)
"A Higher Authority: Judicial Review of Religious Tribunals"
Full paper published in the Vermont Law Review, 37:1 (Fall 2012) 157-202


Whitney Gruhin (Undergraduate)
"Autism and OCD in the Ultraorthodox Jewish Community"
Paper Summary

Michael Chan (Graduate)
"Revenge of the Nerds: Re-Presentations of Royal Rage in Jewish Court Tales"


Michelle Izmaylov (Undergraduate)
"On Stallions, Automobiles and Transportation into Circumstance"
Paper Summary

Kati Miller (Undergraduate)
"Jewish Prisoner Doctors in Auschwitz"
Paper Summary

Kelly Murphy (Graduate)
"'You Have Mocked Me and Told Me Lies': Women, Direct Discourse, and the Book of Judges"
Paper Summary

Nicole Tilford (Graduate)
"In the Eye of the Beholder: Reading Biblical Texts Through an 'Embodied' Literary Approach"
Paper Summary


Andrea Marcardis (Undergraduate)
"Responsum Regarding the Difficult Decisions of an Emergency Room Physician"

Craig Perry (Graduate)
"The Cairo Geniza and the Persistence of Cultural Hybridity"

Lee Ann Bambach (Graduate, Honorable Mention)
"The Enforceability of Arbitration Decisions Made by Muslim Religious Tribunals: Examining the Beth Din Precedent"


Joshua Neuman (Undergraduate)
"haHolkhi baHoshekh: the Canaanite National Plan in Poetry"

Caitlin Stewart (Graduate)
""'If Jews themselves are divided, how can we decide?' American Protestants Respond to Zionism, 1938-1948"


Leah Wolfson (Graduate)
"Listening to the Dead: The Traumatic Testimony of Claude Lanzmann's Shoah"

Dan Leshem (Graduate, Honorable Mention)
"Water Fierce Dream: Primo Levi's Poetic Fugue"


Mollie Lewis (Graduate)
"Making Argentina a Jewish Homeland: Zionism and Israel, 1925-1935"

Katie Heffelfinger (Graduate, Honorable Mention)
"Peering Across the Abyss: Fackenheim's Abyss and an Attempt at a Fraternal Reading of Jeremiah 31"

Alison Joseph (Graduate)
"Genesis 34: A Family Violated"

Marian Broida (Graduate, Honorable Mention)
"Lamentations 1 and 2: Metaphor and Meaning in the Destruction of Jerusalem"

Lisa Harrow (Undergraduate)
"Jewish American Gangsters"

Stacey Dembo (Undergraduate, Honorable Mention)
"Jewish and African American Representations at the Chicago World's Fair of 1893"

Photo of award recipients


Sarah Willen (Graduate)
"'Flesh of Our Flesh'?: Configurations and Experiences of 'Illegality' among Undocumented Migrant Leaders in Tel Aviv" (see note below)

Dan Leshem (Graduate, Honorable Mention)
"'Body=Pain=Death': Jean Améry, Torture and Testimony"

Nathan Hofer (Graduate, Honorable Mention)
"Finding Meaning in Meaninglessness"

Roselyn Paskow (Undergraduate)
"The Jewish American Home Front"

Sarah Littlefield (Undergraduate, Honorable Mention)
"A Jewish Perspective on the Separation of Conjoined Twins"


Marni Davis (Graduate)
"Jews and Booze in the New South"

Emily Saffitz (Undergraduate)
"Memorandum to President Chace on Holocaust Denial"

Dov Grohsgal (Undergraduate, Honorable Mention)
"Coalition: Jews, Blacks, and the NAACP"


Martin J. Wein
"Notes on the Role of Jewish Studies in the Academy"

Note: Sarah Willen's winning paper from 2004 has been revised and appears as “Birthing ‘Invisible’ Children: State Power, NGO Activism, and Reproductive Health among Undocumented Migrant Workers in Tel Aviv, Israel.” in the Journal of Middle East Women's Studies 1(2): 55-88 (June 2005).

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