TIJS welcomes visiting faculty

Kate Rosenblatt has been named Visiting Assistant Professor for TIJS and the Department of Religion for academic years 2017-18 and 2018-19. Kate comes to us from the University of Michigan’s Eisenberg Institute for Historical Studies, where she has been a postdoctoral fellow since her graduation in 2016. She studied under Deborah Dash Moore, specializing in modern Jewish history, modern US history, and women and gender studies and completing a dissertation on “Cooperative Battlegrounds: Farmers, Workers, and the Search for Economic Alternatives.” In fall 2017, Dr. Rosenblatt will teach  the courses “American, Jewish, Feminist: Jewish Women in the US” (crosslisted with Religion as well as Women and Gender Studies) and “Religion in America” (also crosslisted with Religion). We welcome Dr. Rosenblatt to Emory and TIJS!

Shlomo Pill, a recent graduate of the School of Law, joins the TIJS teaching faculty as an instructor for fall 2017, teaching the course JS/MES/REL 370, “Jewish Law Answers to American Law Problems.”.

Ralph Buchenhorst, visiting associate professor in the Department of Philosophy, has been appointed to a multi-year term as DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) Professor at Emory. During his time here, he is part of TIJS’s affiliated faculty, cross-listing two courses per year with Jewish Studies. His research specialties include Holocaust memory and its impact on philosophy and the arts, continental philosophy (19th/20th century), and critical theory. Learn more.