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Oded BorowskiOnce again, we come to your inbox to report to you on the achievements and activities of the faculty, students, and alumni of the Tam Institute for Jewish Studies (TIJS) over the past year and to encourage you to join us in the events and activities of the coming year. Completing the first year of my term as Judith London Evans Director of TIJS, I am amazed at how quickly a year—a very busy and productive year—passes, and I'm looking forward to a similarly busy and productive year in 2013–2014.

We began the academic year last October 10 by participating in a remarkable event hosted by the Office of the President: the screening of the documentary From Silence to Recognition: Confronting Discrimination in Emory's Dental School History, produced by David Hughes Duke and John Duke, and the public apology by President James Wagner to Jewish students who attended the former Emory School of Dentistry and who suffered from antisemitic policies under the deanship of John Buhler from 1948 to 1961. Perry Brickman, longtime friend of TIJS and leader of the Atlanta Jewish community, originated the project and was honored at the event. TIJS is proud to have played a constructive role in helping this acknowledgement come about, and we salute Brickman for his courageous work in making the film and the October program a reality. You may read more about this in the Emory Report article at and other coverage through the TIJS website at

TIJS sponsored a number of scholarly events this past year. Cornelia Wilhelm, visiting DAAD professor in history and TIJS, with support from the DAAD, hosted the final two lectures of the series, "America and the Germans: Conflict and Cooperation," with presentations by Tobias Brinkmann (Pennsylvania State University) and Edith Raim (Institut für Zeitgeschichte/Augsburg). This coming fall, again working with Emory's Halle Institute and TIJS with support from DAAD, Professor Wilhelm is hosting the symposium "Migration, Memory, and Diversity in Germany" before beginning a one-year leave of absence from Emory. She will return for two more years of her visiting professorship in fall 2014.

On March 18, through the extensive efforts of core faculty member Don Seeman, and with support from the Judith London Evans Fund and other Emory departments and programs, TIJS was able to bring noted Jewish studies scholar Moshe Idel to campus for a standing-room-only public lecture and a faculty/graduate student seminar. Read more about this here. On February 13, the annual Tenenbaum Lecture in Judaic Studies brought Norman Stillman, hosted by Benjamin Hary, for a stimulating and informative series of talks. The Seminar Series in Jewish Studies again brought several distinguished visiting scholars to present talks on a wide variety of topics related to Jewish studies. Speakers included Biblical scholar Daniel Fleming of New York University who delved into the historical world of ancient Judah; American Jewish historian Marni Davis of Georgia State University who explored relationships between Jews and other ethnics in the US South; and Middle East expert Lawrence Rubin of Georgia Tech, who detailed the Islamicist movement among Israel's Arab citizens. As our annual Rabbi Jacob M. Rothschild Memorial Lecturer, historian and women's studies scholar Karla Goldman of the University of Michigan spoke about the role of Jewish women's organizations in civil rights work. Rounding out this group of speakers were our own Benjamin Hary, who spoke to us on the politics of Judeo-Arabic in the modern multilingual state of Israel; and Miriam Udel, who shared some of her book-in-progress on the picaresque in Yiddish literature.

We are proud of those who have graduated this year with degrees in Jewish studies. We are particularly excited that Emory is granting an ever-increasing number of PhDs each year in various fields related to Jewish studies, a trend that has been encouraged by the support of our Tam Institute Graduate Fellowships. Read about our BA graduates here and our PhD graduates here.

This fall, TIJS welcomes Nicholas Block to a three-year appointment as visiting assistant professor in the Department of German Studies. A specialist in German Jewish literature, Nick adds to the significant interest in his department in German-Jewish cultural interaction. Read about him and other TIJS faculty news here.

In the spring, we will be honored to present an expanded Tenenbaum Lecture event. William Dever, noted archaeologist and scholar of the ancient Middle East, will present the annual lecture and will also participate in the day-long symposium, "8th Century Judah and its Neighbors: A Symposium in honor of Oded Borowski." Find more information about that here and stay tuned for more details as plans are finalized. Please also check the TIJS website for updates on other public events.

During the past several years, TIJS has experienced considerable success in the growth of our programs and in the achievements of our faculty and students. This past year, to build on that success, TIJS has embarked on a process of strategic planning that will result in a multiyear vision to strengthen and grow our academic programs, identify areas for future additional faculty, bolster our engagement with the off-campus community, and raise our profile on the national and international scenes. Included in this plan is a series of evening public lectures designed to engage the Atlanta community-at-large in high-level adult education in Jewish studies. Watch for more information on this exciting project.

As always, we are grateful to all of those who contribute to our programs. Click here to see a complete listing of this past year's donors.

We look forward to greeting you at a TIJS event during the coming year.

Eric L. Goldstein
Judith London Evans Director of TIJS


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