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Graduate Student News: Fall 2013

Amanda BakerAMANDA M. BAKER’s 2012 Blumenthal Award winning paper “A Higher Authority: Judicial Review of Religious Arbitration” has been published in the Vermont Law Review, 37:1 (Fall 2012) 157-202. Amanda is a graduate student in the Candler School of Theology.


Craig PerryCRAIG PERRY, graduate student in the Department of History, has received the Foundation for Jewish Culture's Maurice and Marilyn Cohen Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship in Jewish Studies for the academic year 2013-2014. The FJC awards four to five Doctoral Dissertation fellowships per year to emerging scholars who are working in their last year of thesis writing within recognized fields associated with Jewish studies. Craig’s project, “The Daily Life of Slaves and the Global Reach of Slavery in Medieval Egypt, 969-1250 CE,” analyzes the massive trove of ancient documents from the (Cairo) Geniza repository in order to understand the changing shape of the medieval slave trade. In awarding this fellowship, the foundation cited “Perry’s innovative use of comparative studies of slavery in order to “unlock” the raw data found in the Geniza manuscripts. . . Craig approaches his subject by examining slavery from the point of view of the slaves themselves, showing how domestic slavery in the Geniza world compares with slavery in other societies.”

Jason SchulmanJASON SCHULMAN received a grant from the American Academy for Jewish Research to sponsor a series of lectures at Emory and in Atlanta around the theme “Jews and ‘Others’ Confront the Law in Atlanta.” He was selected to participate in the 2012 Graduate Student Workshop sponsored by the American Academy for Jewish Research at New York University with the project “Black and Jewish Radicals in Interwar Los Angeles,” and he was awarded the Henry L. Feingold Graduate Student Essay Prize by the American Jewish Historical Association for 2012 for his essay “‘Reckless Innovation’: The Role of the State in American Jewish Religious Reform.” He published two book reviews, of Jonathan Soffer’s Ed Koch and the Rebuilding of New York City in the journal American Jewish History (volume 97.1); and of Norman Podhoretz’s Why Are Jews Liberal? in the Australian Journal of Jewish Studies (volume 25).

Josey Bridges SnyderJOSEY BRIDGES SNYDER received one of nine ORDER (On Recent Discoveries by Emory Researchers) fellowships to teach her dissertation research to undergraduate students. Her entries “Delilah and Her Interpreters” and “Jezebel and Her Interpreters” were published in Women’s Bible Commentary, 3rd edition, edited by Carol A. Newsom, Sharon H. Ringe, and Jacqueline E. Lapsley.

Ariel SvarchARIEL SVARCH was awarded the International Doctoral Scholarship for Studies Specializing in Jewish Fields by the Memorial Foundation for Jewish Culture.



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