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A.B.C. or X.Y.Z!!!                                                                                                                    Goodman, Gary            7/2006 June

Airgraphs Between Britain and Israel in World War II                                                             Ellison, Hilton               136/2017 March

Algeria, Jews of and Synagogue                                                                                            Israelsohn, Hilton            95/2013 October

Algerian Jews                                                                                                                         Wainstain, Claude 96/2013 November

American Topical Association, The                                                                                        Goodman, Gary            21/2007 August          

An Interesting Story                                                                                                                Keeda, Peter               55/2010 June 

Anne Frank                                                                                                                             Dugdale, Jeff               124/2016 March

Anne Frank, More Stamps                                                                                                     Wildstein, Charles           125/2016 April

“Antisemitism, Graphic History of,” J. Forman (review)                                                                    Goodman, Gary          108/2014 November

Antisemitism on Picture Postcards, review of book by S. Aizenberg                                    Goodman, Gary            115/2015 June

Argentina: Stamps in a Book                                                                                                  Aizenberg, Isidoro 123/2106 February

Auerbach, Grand Rabbi of Luxembourg; cover to him                                                                      Israelsohn, Hilton        108/2014 November

Auschwitz, Liberation of                                                                                                          Brzostowski, Roberto           114/2015 May

Australia and Israel                                                                                                                 Israelsohn, Hilton            95/2013 October

Australian Jewry                                                                                                                     Israelsohn, Hilton            96/2013 November

Balfour Declaration                                                                                                                 Eisen, Gene                142/2017 September

Barnet, Will: Artist for the Ages                                                                                               Eisen, Gene                143/2017 October

Batman, A Superhero for the Ages                                                                                         Eisen, Gene                114/2015 May

Beatles, The                                                                                                                            Goodman, Gary            14/2007 January

Beersheba, Battle of                                                                                                               Israelsohn, Hilton            95/2013 Oct

Belgium, Interfaith Stamp                                                                                                                                            125/2016 April

Berg, Moe, Baseball Player and Spy                                                                                      Eisen, Gene                110/2015 January

Berlin, the New Synagogue                                                                                                    Goodman, Gary            132/2016 November

Bernhardt, Sarah - greatest actress of all time?                                                                    Dugdale, Jeff               84/2012 November    

Bingham IV, Hiram (Harry)                                                                                                     Israelsohn, Hilton            57/2010 August

B’nai Brith Philatelic Service                                                                                                    Goodman, Gary            101/2014 April            

Book review: Catalogue Philatelique Mondial Judaica by Alain Berrebi                                 Goodman, Gary            3/2006 February        

Book review: Judaica In Philately – An Annotated Checklist by Isaac Borodinsky               Goodman, Gary            3/2006 February

Book Review: Marc Chagall on Postage Stamps by Mark Shleifer                                       Goodman, Gary            42/2009 May

Book review: The Encyclopedia of Philatelic Judaica, vol. 1 by Benjamin J. Reuter             Goodman, Gary            3/2006 February

Buber, Martin                                                                                                                          Dugdale, Jeff               96/2013 November

Buying Stamps on ebay                                                                                                          Goodman, Gary            6/2006 May

Canada Post                                                                                                                           Baum, Issie                 101/2014 April

Canada Post’s First Hanukkah Postcards                                                                             Osterer, Irv                 86/2013 January        

Canada, First Hanukkah Stamps                                                                                           Osterer, Irv                 83/2012 October

Canada, Rabbi Bulka                                                                                                              Osterer, Irv                 107/2014 October

Canada, Robbie Robertson Tribute                                                                                        Lanesman, Ralph   74/2012 January

Canada, Wallenberg Issue - with Living Person on Stamp!                                                   Goodman, Gary            89/2013 April  

Catalogue Numbers, How Useful are They?                                                                         Goodman, Gary            3/2006 February

Cecile Brunschvicg                                                                                                                 Brzostowski, R                        132/2016 November

Chagall                                                                                                                                    Dugdale, Jeff               105/2014 August

Chagall, French issue                                                                                                             Goodman, Gary            135/2017 February

Charity Booklets (Jewish) from Germany                                                                              Goodman, Gary            143/2017 October

Charlie Brown Christmas, with Judaica Connection                                                              Goodman, Gary            119/2015 October

Chief Rabbi Lord Sacks, Retirement of                                                                                  Benjamin, Alan            95/2013 October

Christmas in Tonga                                                                                                                Benjamin, Alan            121/2015 December

Civil War, The Only Jewish Cemetery                                                                                               Weintrob, Joe                  125/2016 April

Clowns                                                                                                                                    Flashberg, Dale            123/2106 February

Cohen, Sir Samuel                                                                                                                  Israelsohn, Hilton            96/2013 November                

Collecting in Sets                                                                                                                    Goodman, Gary            9/2006 August

Collecting or Buying                                                                                                                Goodman, Gary            137/2017 April

Collecting or Buying: Response                                                                                             Lori, Esme                   140.2017 July

Collection, Favorites                                                                                                               Wildstein, Charles           121/2015 December

Collection, Gems from My                                                                                                      Nussenbaum, Seymour         116/2015 July

Collection, Gems from My                                                                                                      Nussenbaum, Seymour         117/2015 August

Collection, Gems from My                                                                                                      Nussenbaum, Seymour         118/2015 September

Collection, Gems from My                                                                                                      Nussenbaum, Seymour         119/2015 October

Collection, Gems from My                                                                                                      Nussenbaum, Seymour         121/2015 December

Collection, Gems from My                                                                                                      Nussenbaum, Seymour         122/2016 January

Collection, Gems from My                                                                                                      Nussenbaum, Seymour         123/2106 February

Collection, Gems from My                                                                                                      Nussenbaum, Seymour         124/2016 March

Collection, Gems from My                                                                                                      Nussenbaum, Seymour         125/2016 April

Collection, Gems from My                                                                                                      Nussenbaum, Seymour         126/2016 May

Collection, Gems from My                                                                                                      Nussenbaum, Seymour         127/2016June

Collection, Gems from My                                                                                                      Nussenbaum, Seymour         128/2016 July

Collection, Gems from My                                                                                                      Nussenbaum, Seymour         129/2016 Aug

Collection, Gems from My                                                                                                      Nussenbaum, Seymour         130/2016 September

Collection, Gems from My                                                                                                      Nussenbaum, Seymour         131/2016 October

Collection, Gems from My                                                                                                      Nussenbaum, Seymour         132/2016 November

Collection, Gems from My                                                                                                      Nussenbaum, Seymour         133/2016 December

Collection, Gems from My                                                                                                      Nussenbaum, Seymour         134/2017 January

Collection, Gems from My                                                                                                      Nussenbaum, Seymour         135/2017 February

Collection, Gems from My                                                                                                      Nussenbaum, Seymour         136/2017 March

Collection, Gems from My                                                                                                      Nussenbaum, Seymour         137/2017 April

Collection, Gems from My                                                                                                      Nussenbaum, Seymour         138/2017 May

Collection, Gems from My                                                                                                      Nussenbaum, Seymour         139/2017 Jun

Collection, Gems from My                                                                                                      Nussenbaum, Seymour         140/2017 July

Collection, Gems from My                                                                                                      Nussenbaum, Seymour         141/2017 August

Collection, Gems from My                                                                                                      Nussenbaum, Seymour         142/2017 September

Collection, Gems from My                                                                                                      Nussenbaum, Seymour         143/2017 October

Collection, Giving A Thought to Your                                                                                      Goodman, Gary            115/2015 June

Collection, Selling Your                                                                                                           Goodman, Gary            120/2015 November

Copyright Question                                                                                                                 Goodman, Gary            104/2014 July

Croatia/Israel Joint Issue                                                                                                        Goodman, Gary            143/2017 October

Curaçao, Landhouses                                                                                                                        Cohen-Paraira, David 120/2015 November

Croatia Stamp with Hebrew                                                                                                    Goodman, Gary            116/2015 July

Dachinger, Hugo                                                                                                                     Wainstain, Claude 64/2011 March           

Deafness, Interesting Judaica Article on                                                                                Rothschild, Keneth S         58/2010 September

Dealer’s Story, A                                                                                                                     Benjamin, Alan            115/2015 June           

Denmark Judaica Issue—But How Common Is It?                                                               Goodman, Gary            85/2012 December

Diana Budisavljevic, A Forgotten Hero of World War II                                                          Eisen, Gene                139/2017 Jun

Dodge Motor Car                                                                                                                    Greenwald, Harry   106/2014 September

Dodge Motor Car                                                                                                                    Goodman, Gary            107/2014 October      

Does This Sound Familiar?                                                                                                    Goodman, Gary            19/2007 June 

Dohany Synagogue in Budapest, Hungary, The                                                                    Israelsohn, Hilton            71/2011 October

Domincan Republic, Sosua, Jewish Community of                                                                Silberger, Helga            129/2016 Aug 

Dreyfus Affair, The                                                                                                                 Dugdale, Jeff               81/2012 August

Dreyfus postcards                                                                                                                  Daniels, Michael             112/2015 Mar

Dutch Synagogues: Elburg, Bourtange, Naarden                                                                  Paraira, David             126/2016 May

Earliest Judaica Stamp                                                                                                           (discussion)                94/2014 February

Earliest Judaica Stamp                                                                                                           Kibble, Daryl                101/2014 April            

Einstein, What He Did for Us                                                                                                  Dugdale, Jeff               78/2012 May

Einstein, Jersey FDC issues                                                                                                  Goodman, Gary            129/2016 Aug 

Einstein                                                                                                                                   Goodman, Gary            130/2016 September

Einstein                                                                                                                                   Embrey, John             131/2016 October

Elusive Pimpernel, Searching for the                                                                                      Lanesman, Ralph   9/2006 August

Ethiopian Post Offices with Biblical Names                                                                            Blum, Abraham            92/2013 July  

Epstein, Sir Jacob, and his “Michael”                                                                                     Dugdale, Jeff               109/2014 December

Epstein, Sir Jacob (comment)                                                                                                            Lewis, Arnold              110/2015 January

Fejes, Claire Specht                                                                                                               Goodman, Gary            69/2011 August

Festival of Brittain                                                                                                                   Benjamin, Alan            139/2017 Jun

Festivals, 1950                                                                                                                       Bromberg, Ellis            108/2014 November

Fiddler on the Roof                                                                                                                 Dugdale, Jeff               73/2011 December    

Films, Great Britain                                                                                                                 Goodman, Gary            100/2014 March

Forgotten Heroes: Henryk Slawik and József Antall                                                             Eisen, Gene                5/2012 February

Freud, Sigmund                                                                                                                      Dugdale, Jeff               98/2014 January

Games, Abraham, stamp designer                                                                                        Eisen, Gene                113/2015 April

Gene Eisen’s Favourite Judaica Issue                                                                                  Eisen, Gene                65/2011 April  

George Burns                                                                                                                         Eisen, Gene                112/2015 Mar

Gerstl, Richard                                                                                                                                   Eisen, Gene               119/2015 October

Give My Regards to Broadway Judaica                                                                                Dugdale, Jeff               77/2012 April  

Great Brazilian Novelist and the “Angel of Hamburg,” The                                                    Eisen, Gene                73/2011 December    

Great Britain, Judaica Issue from that I Nearly Missed!!!!                                                     Goodman, Gary            9/2006 August

Great Scott                                                                                                                             Goodman, Gary            72/2011 November    

Great Synagogue of Katowice (Katowitz), The                                                                      Israelsohn, Hilton            76/2012 March

Haimovici, Mendel, Roumanian Math Whiz                                                                            Eisen, Gene                128/2016 July

Hanukkah, US 2014 Issue                                                                                                     Goodman, Gary            94/2014 February

Hanukkah, US 2016 Issue                                                                                                     Aizenberg, Isidoro 135/2017 February    

Harvey Milk, Pioneer for Gay Rights                                                                                      Eisen, Gene                111/ 2015 February   

Helmut That Never Was, The                                                                                                 Kosky, Sonny             117/2015 August

Helpful Judaica Books                                                                                                                        Goodman, Gary          5/2006 April

Herzl, Theodore                                                                                                                      Dugdale, Jeff               104/2014 July

Hirsch, Samuel, Chief Rabbi of Luxembourg                                                                         Goodman, Gary            108/2014 November

Hirszfeld, Ludwik: Eminent Serologist                                                                                     Eisen, Gene                84/2012 November

Hitler’s Personal Stamp Collection                                                                                          Benjamin, Alan            122/2016 January

Hoffman, Roald: Nobel Prize                                                                                                                                      142/2017 September 

Hollywood Judaica, Hurrah for                                                                                               Dugdale, Jeff               82/2012 September   

Holocaust on Stamps                                                                                                             Newbit, Keith               28/2008 March           

Holocaust Postal History: A Review                                                                                       Goodman, Gary            140/2017 July

Holocaust Remembrance Day                                                                                                           Goodman, Gary          18/2007 May  

Holocaust, Hungary issue                                                                                                      Goodman, Gary            103/2014 June

“Holography and Philately,” review                                                                                         Goodman, Gary            110/2015 Jan

Holz, Ida, Uruguayan Scientist                                                                                               Brzostowksi, Roberto           124/2016 March

Houdini, Harry                                                                                                                         Dugdale, Jeff               113/2015 April

Hungary, Not Nice Postcard                                                                                                  Zaiden, S.                    97/2013 December

Hungary issues                                                                                                                      Goodman, Gary            112/2015 Mar

Ice Cream In Judaica Stamp Collection?                                                                               Goodman, Gary            71/2011 October        

Ilan Ramon (1954-2003) First Israeli Astronaut                                                                     Dugdale, Jeff               75/2012 February      

Isle of Man                                                                                                                              Goodman, Gary            64/2011 March           

Israel is Judaica - but Judaica is not Israel                                                                            Goodman, Gary            27/2007 December    

Israel Stamp Exhibition                                                                                                           Goodman, Gary            31/2008 June 

Israel's Joint-Issue Dilemmas!                                                                                                           Goodman, Gary          78/2012 May  

Israeli Flag on Stamps                                                                                                                        Goodman, Gary          21/2007 August

Israeli Political Leaders: Weizman, Peres, Begin, Shamir, Shazar                                        Wildstein, Charles           96/2013 November    

Italy’s 1922 Merchant Stamps                                                                                                            Osterer, Irv                    134/2017 January

Jerusalem  - Capital of Arab Culture                                                                                      Fisher, Lawrence        46/2009 September

Jewish Homeland Exhibit Wins an Award                                                                              Fisher, Lawrence        115/2015 June

Jewish Welfare Board                                                                                                             Israelsohn, Hilton            101/2014 April

Joint Issues                                                                                                                            Lori, Esme                   129/2016 Aug

Jonah a Prophet, a Missionary or an Island?                                                                         Blum, Abraham            74/2012 January

Josephine Baker                                                                                                                     Weintrob, Joe              118/2015 September 

Joys of Judaica – A Personal Perspective,                                                                           Lanesman, Ralph   8/2006 July

Judaica / Bible Stamp, the First                                                                                              Rosique, Brunno            109/2014 December

Judaica Connection, Did You Spot the?                                                                                 Goodman, Gary            89/201 April    

Judaica Stamp Dealers                                                                                                          Goodman, Gary            2/2006 January

Judaica Themed Issues (list)                                                                                                 Charny, Vitaly             125/2016 April

Kadoorie, Sir Horace and Sir Elly                                                                                           Silberberg, Helga            143/2017 October

Karaites, Lithuania                                                                                                                  Bromberg, Ellis            110/2015 January

Karaite Jews                                                                                                                           Bromberg, Ellis            111/2015 February

Kazerne Dossin Museum                                                                                                       Aizenberg, Isidoro 106/2014 September

Kazerne Dossin Museum                                                                                                       Aizenberg, Isidoro 107/2014 October

Kiesler, Frederick John                                                                                                          Eisen, Gene                132/2016 November

KIndertransport and the Royal Mail (1)                                                                                  Benjamin, Alan            98/2014 January        

KIndertransport and the Royal Mail (2)                                                                                  Benjamin, Alan            100/2014 March         

Legendary Heroes of Africa                                                                                                   Lanesman, Ralph   65/2011 April  

Levice synagogue                                                                                                                  Brzostowski, Roberto           103, 2014 June

Libeskind, Daniel: Imperial War Museum                                                                               Goodman, Gary            143/2017 October                  

Lichtenstein, Ray                                                                                                                    Dugdale, Jeff               106/2014 September

Lick that! Jewish-themed stamps are fascinating                                                                  Goodman, Gary            64/2011 March

Lipman Pike: A Baseball Pioneer                                                                                            Eisen, Gene                131/2016 October

Lithuania: Judaica Stamps                                                                                                      Goodman, Gary            136/2017 March

Louis Armstrong                                                                                                                     Alan Benjamin             94/2014 February      

Lumboml, The City Post Stamps of                                                                                        Israelsohn, Hilton            79/ 2012 June

Luckman, Sid, The Cerebral Quarterback                                                                             Eisen, Gene                125/2016 April

Luneville Synagogue, The                                                                                                      Israelsohn, Hilton            75/2012 February      

Maimonides, Moses —The Great Eagle                                                                                Dugdale, Jeff               88/2013 March

Malta – Israel, Joint Issue                                                                                                       Goodman, Gary            94/2014 February      

Man Ray, the first Jewish avant garde artist                                                                          Dugdale, Jeff               118/2015 September

Marine-Judaica                                                                                                                       Weintrob, Joe              39/2009 February      

Maritime Activity, Jewish                                                                                                        Keeda, Peter               49/2009 December    

Marshall Goldberg, football player                                                                                          Eisen, Gene                103/2014 June

Max Stern, In Memoriam                                                                                                        Benjamin, Alan            125/2016 April

Memories                                                                                                                                Wainstain, Claude 62/2011 January

Mendelssohn, Moses and Felix                                                                                              Dugdale, Jeff               108/2014 November

Mendelssohn, Moses                                                                                                             Zaiden. S.                    119/2015 October      

Merchant of Venice on Stamps, The                                                                                      Dugdale, Jeff               76/2012 March

Michaelangelo: Was David Circumcized                                                                                Aizenberg, Isidoro 136/2017 March

MIG 21 (airplane)                                                                                                                    Cohen-Peraira, David   138/2017 May

Minsk, New Synagogue of                                                                                                      Eisen, Gene                109/2014 December

Molecular Biologists, Three Jewish Share the 2004 Nobel Prize in Chemistry                     Eisen, Gene                70/2011 September   

Money Changer, Jewish, French Somalia                                                                             Israelsohn, Hilton            94/2014 February

Mourad, Leila                                                                                                                          Wainstain, Claude 61/2010 December

Myers (Sulochana), Ruby                                                                                                      Brzostowski, Roberto           125/2016 April

Nazi Forgery                                                                                                                           Benjamin, Alan            122/2016 January

Netherlands Release New Madurodam Sheet, The                                                               Cohen-Paraira,David  82/2012 September   

Netherlands stamps                                                                                                               Cohen-Paraira,David  132/2016 November

New Issues                                                                                                                             Embry, John               102/2014 May

New Issues                                                                                                                             Charny, Vitaly             108/2014 November

New issues                                                                                                                             Goodman, Gary            118/2015 September

New World, the First Jews                                                                                                     Israelsohn, Hilton            97/2013 December

Nobel Laureate, The   Jewish “Christian”                                                                               Eisen, Gene                83/2012 October        

Nobel Laureate, in Genetics                                                                                                   Eisen, Gene                97/2013 December

Norfolk Island                                                                                                                          Israelsohn, Hilton            102/2014 May

Not Surprised!!                                                                                                                                    Goodman, Gary          9/2006 August

Nowaki-Jezioransky, Jan                                                                                                       Embrey, John             108/2014 November

Oliver Twist (1837-8)                                                                                                              Dugdale, Jeff               77/2012 April  

Opera and Ballet, Curtain Up! Jewish Personalities in the World of                                       Dugdale, Jeff               85/2012 December    

Orlanszky, Fanny Mickey: an Argentinian/Columbian artist                                                  Aizenberg, Isidoro 118/2015 September

Palestine Campaign                                                                                                                Lori, Esme                   141/2017 August

Palestine Campaign, a response                                                                                            Sattler, Steve              142/2017 September

Palestine Police, More on                                                                                                       Goodman, Gary            67-68/2011 July

Passover Stamps                                                                                                                   Goodman, Gary            137/2017 April

Paul Newman                                                                                                                          Eisen, Gene                123/2106 February    

Personalized Postage Stamp                                                                                                 Osterer, Irv                 63/2011 February      

Petlioura and the Ethnic Cleansing of Ukrainian Jews, Stamp Renews Debate about          Wainstain, Claude 79/2012 June 

Philatelic Judaica is Amazing                                                                                                  Nussenbaum, Seymour 136/2017 March

Photography: The Family of Man                                                                                           Baum, Issie                 102/2014 May

Pilecki, Witold: Bravest of the Brave                                                                                       Eisen, Gene                86/2013 January

“Places and Post Offices,” A. Blum (review)                                                                          Goodman, Gary            108/2014 November  

Plinth, More about the Poem on the                                                                                        Dugdale, Jeff               82/2012 September   

Plinth, The Poem on the                                                                                                          Dugdale, Jeff               81/2012 August

Postcard, Fascinating 19th Century                                                                                        Israelsohn, Hilton            94/2014 February

Postcards, Picture Postcards and Jewish History                                                                Daniels, Michael            111/2015 February

Postcards                                                                                                                               Daniels, Michael            112/2015 Mar

Prague, Postcard from                                                                                                                       Israelsohn, Hilton        98/2014 January        

Princes Road Synagogue could be on a Stamp!!                                                                   Goodman, Gary            36/2008 November    

Pro Hamas Blockade Mail Planned                                                                                        Benjamin, Alan W            59/2010 October

Rabbis on Stamps                                                                                                                  Leiman, Sid                 101/2014 April

Rachel’s Tomb                                                                                                                        Lori, Esme                   133/2016 Dec

Radauti (Romania), Re-opening of the Synagogue in                                                                        Brzostowski, Roberto 90/2013 May  

Recent Auctions, Judaica Stamps in                                                                                      Goodman, Gary            10/2006 September

Relevance, A Matter of - Part 1                                                                                              Lanesman, Ralph   12/2006 November

Reinach Company, Something More About                                                                           Cinquegrana, Diego   139/2017 Jun 

Relevance, A Matter of - Part 2                                                                                              Lanesman, Ralph   13/2006 December

Remarkable Lives, Great Britain                                                                                            Goodman, Gary            100/2014 March

Rembrandt’s “Moses”                                                                                                             Aizenberg, Isidoro 134/2017 January

Righteous Gentile Chiune Sugihara (1900-96)                                                                       Epstein, Harriet            73/2011 December    

Righteous Gentiles                                                                                                                 Goodman, Gary            15/2007 February

Righteous Gentiles Among the Nations                                                                                  Sterer, Irvo                  123/2106 February

Righteous Gentiles                                                                                                                 Philipson, Gregg            124/2016 March         

Romania Synagogue Issue - an Interesting Issue                                                                 Goodman, Gary            90/2013 May

Romania, Cluj-Napoca Neolog Synagogue                                                                            Eisen, Gene                135/2017 February    

Rosh Hashanah Photo Card                                                                                                  Osterer, Irv                 132/2016 November

Royal Mail Produces Judaica Themed Stamps!!!!!!!!!!                                                                       Goodman, Gary          45/2009 August

Russian First Day Covers                                                                                                      Glasov, Vladimir            98/2014 January        

Sabetha, a Biblical Name?                                                                                                      Blum, Abraham            77/2012 April

Safdie, Moshe: Canadian Celebration                                                                                     Osterer, Irv                 140/2017 July

Saint Vincentius, Worship of                                                                                                   Cohen-Paraira, David   141/2017 August

Saint Stephen in the Synagogue                                                                                             Osterer, Irv                 143/2017 October

Santa Maria La Blanca Church / Synagogue                                                                         Eisen, Gene                142/2017 September

Saldivar, Gilberto Bosques                                                                                                     Brzostowski, Roberto           121/2015 December

Sarajevo Haggadah, The                                                                                                        Goodman, Gary            13/2006 December    

Sarajevo, Haggadah, The                                                                                                       Lori, Esme                   115/2015 June

Sarajevo, Haggada, The                                                                                                                                             116/2015 July

Sarajevo                                                                                                                                  Wildstein, Charles           120/2015 November

Sculptors, Jewish  on Stamps, A Review of: Part I                                                                Eisen, Gene                91/2013 June 

Self-Adhesives, a Jewish Invention, The Story of                                                                  Benjamin, Alan             48/2009 November

Self-Adhesives, Additions to                                                                                                   Benjamin, Alan             49/2009 December    

Self-Adhesives                                                                                                                        Benjamin, Alan            130/2016 September 

Self-Adhesives                                                                                                                        Benjamin, Alan            141/2017 August

Sendler, Irena, Remembering                                                                                                 Eisen, Gene                76/2012 March           

Shanghai Ghetto                                                                                                                     Brzostowski, Roberto           120/2015 November

Shortage of Stamps from Iran and Iraq ... (and Jordan too)!!                                                            Goodman, Gary          10/2006 September

Slovakia: Holocaust Issue                                                                                                      Zaiden, S.                    140/2017 July

Solomon Marcus: Pioneer in Mathematical Linguistics                                                          Eisen, Gene                140/2017 July

Song of Songs                                                                                                                        Wildstein, Charles           107/2014 October

South Africa, 50th Anniversary of Rivonia Trial                                                                                   Embry, John                109/2014 December

Southport Hebrew Congregation Merseyside U.K.                                                               Goodman, Gary            47/2009 October        

Spinoza, Baruch (1632 – 1677)                                                                                              Dugdale, Jeff               90/2013 May

Spital, Austria, postmark                                                                                                         Essberger, Richard           133/2016 December  

Stamp Publications                                                                                                                 Goodman, Gary            4/2006 March             

Stamps Depicting a Star of David                                                                                           Hart, Raymond            43/2009 June 

Standard of Service - Poor or Just Unlucky!                                                                         Goodman, Gary            8/2006 July    

Star of David, Trinidad                                                                                                                        Israelsohn, Hilton        100/2014 March

Star Trek Stamps                                                                                                                   Osterer, Irv                 130/2016 September

Star Trek Nochamal                                                                                                               Osterer, Irv                 141/2017 August

Stars of Screen and Stage, Part One                                                                                     Dougdale, Jeff             137/2017 April

Stars of Screen and Stage, Part Two                                                                                     Dougdale, Jeff             138/2017 May

Steig, William, Artist and Author                                                                                              Eisen, Gene                45/2009 August

Synagogue, La Grande Synagogue de la Victoire                                                                 Bromberg, Ellis            111/2015 February

Synagogue, La Grande Synagogue de la Victoire                                                                 Wainstain, Claude 112/2015 Mar 

Synagogue on an Egyptian Stamp                                                                                         Israelsohn, Hilton            70/2011 September   

Synagogues at Sea                                                                                                                Israelsohn, Hilton            69/2011 August

Swedish Cancellation                                                                                                              Ellison, Hilton               116/2015 July

Temptation of Saint Anthony                                                                                                   Madansky, Albert   142/2017 September

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Travel Stories Told with Stamps                                                                                             Wainstain, Claude 29/2008 April  

Tunis, the Great Synagogue                                                                                                  Daniels, Michael            114/2015 May

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U. S. Issues of Interest                                                                                                                       Nussenbaum, Seymour 136/2017 March

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