biblical studies
Biblical Literacy
Psalms (undergraduate)
Psalms (graduate)
The Akeda
medieval Judaism
Genesis, Chapter One
Genesis, Chapter Two
Saadia Gaon's Book of Beliefs and Convictions
Maimonides' Guide for the Perplexed
The Zohar (introductory level)
The Zohar (advanced level)
The Jewish Mystical Tradition
Jewish Prayer and Liturgy

The Akedot

modern Judaism

Abraham Joshua Heschel and Mordecai M. Kaplan
Elie Wiesel
Living Jewish Theologians
evil studies
literary and philosophical approaches
social psychological approaches
therapeutic approaches
God and Violence
Hinduism and Judaism
Methods in Jewish Studies
Introduction to Jewish Civilizations
Understanding Contemporary Judaism (Theology School)
Syllabus for Popular Jewish Medieval Culture (Nate Hofer)
Anthropology of the Jews (Mel Konner)
Music and the Bible
Maimonides: homocentric spheres new
Maimonides: eccentric sphere new
Maimonides: two eccentric spheres new
Maimonides: epicyclic sphere new
Maimonides: three eccentric spheres and one epicyclic sphere new
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