The Lord of the Mountains

Courtney Shepard




The Lord is my Mountain Guide,

nothing more could I ever desire.

He leads me to the mountaintop for sunrise,

He sits me in groves of blowing aspen trees,

He fills me with peace and contentment.

I follow His steps with confidence

            that He will lead me to His glory.

Even though I bushwhack

            through dense woods and on uneven talus,

No danger do I fear,

            for You plant my feet;

Your compass and Your stars,

            they bring me peace.


You set up a secure fly around me

            amidst the relentless rainstorm.

You reveal to me Your path

            and bless the way with Your beauty.

Surely protection and ample supply will be with me

            throughout the entire adventure,

and I will be surrounded by Your magnificence forever.